Carmanah Technologies Launches Solar Engine Line for Lighting Fixture Manufacturers at Lightfair

April 24, 2013
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Carmanah Technologies Launches Solar Engine Line for Lighting Fixture Manufacturers at Lightfair

VICTORIA, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA (April 24, 2013) Carmanah Technologies (TSX: CMH) announces the launch of its “powered by Carmanah” standalone solar engine product line, which is now available to OEM outdoor lighting fixture manufacturers. The solar engine product line allows for the supply of Carmanah’s commercial-grade solar outdoor light engines for integration with virtually any luminaire manufacturer’s product.

Building from the company’s success as a standalone solar-powered outdoor lighting system manufacturer, Carmanah has introduced the new standalone solar engine product line as a strategic answer to an outdoor lighting market that requires off-grid solutions with a variety of luminaire options. Carmanah proprietary technology allows for the easy plug-and-play pairing of virtually any fixture under 150W with a complete line of solar engines that range from an architectural/esthetic design with motion sensing capabilities to value-engineered industrial models capable of producing up to 12,500 lumens in sun-belt regions of the world.

Carmanah’s unique approach to the off-grid lighting market, which includes simulation tools that specify performance prior to deployment, has allowed the company to offer a variety of solar engine solutions with multiple luminaire options without compromising on lumen performance and avoiding unnecessary costs with oversized solar systems. Providing a portfolio of “Powered by Carmanah” solar engines that range from 40 to 520W panels in a variety of form factors, Carmanah is the preferred supplier of lighting companies who are starting to develop a solar lighting strategy.

“We’ve been working towards an OEM strategy for our solar LED lighting systems after receiving multiple requests from OEMs for a solar solution that worked with their luminaires,” states Bruce Cousins, Carmanah CEO. “Lighting manufacturers are seeking a reliable partner to supply high performance solar engines, so they can participate in the growing market for off grid lighting. Carmanah’s technology is ready and our products are setup for this type of partnership and we’re excited to have Acuity Brands, Lighting Science and others on board.”