Ali Al Salem Air Base Places Additional Taxiway Light Order

December 8, 2004
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The US Air Force has ordered an additional 50 taxiway lights, mounting plates and frangible couplings for permanent installation at Ali Al Salem Air Base in Kuwait. The addition of the Carmanah 601 mounting accessories will allow for a complete mounting system that elevates the lights off of the surface of the taxiway and provides a “breakaway” capability. Carmanah’s mounting systems are designed to protect the lights in the event they are run over by taxiing aircraft or support vehicles. When the lights are hit, the frangible coupling breaks away, leaving the light intact for remounting. The use of Carmanah’s frangible mounting systems at Ali Al Salem Air Base will provide a more permanent and safe operating environment.

Ali Al Salem Air Base has been using Carmanah’s taxiway lights since January of 2003. The base has more than 1800 units installed to-date. In approximately two years of operation, Carmanah’s solar-powered LED technology has provided a reliable, cost-effective and portable lighting solution. Carmanah’s lights have provided a safer operating environment for USAF and coalition pilots, while saving literally millions of dollars in terms of reduced infrastruction requirements and labor costs for installation and maintenance. With Carmanah’s self-contained solar LED lights, trenching, cabling, regulators and base cans have been completely eliminated.

To evaluate the cost savings of using Carmanah’s lights versus traditional hardwired technologies, try Carmanah’s interactive “Cost Savings Calculator” available at On average, the lights pay for themselves within one year.

For more information, please contact Allister Wilmott, Business Development Manager for Carmanah’s Aviation Lighting Division, at 1-877-722-8877 (toll-free) or