Broad Range of Innovations on Display at PGRE

March 4, 2005
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Las Vegas, Nevada `` With 106 different companies exhibiting at this year’s PowerGen renewable energy conference it’s challenging for to cover all the companies and their products in an equal light. Major fixtures in the renewable energy industry like GE Energy for wind power and BP Solar for photovoltaic power (PV) were there, but in this article I want to share something different. The following snippets, including photographs, offer a brief overview of some lesser-known companies or products that were shown at the industry-wide trade show. These companies all occupy their own niche in the clean energy industry and are either offering a new product, a new approach, or simply caught my eye among the many worthy exhibitors.

Solar LED lighting from Carmanah Technologies

The Canada-based Carmanah Technologies is a well-known company in the PV industry, but not for traditional offerings. The company has found considerable success marketing a variety of solar-powered remote lighting systems, often combined with energy efficient LED lighting. While most are based on rather simple technology, the company has perfected a variety of products that include solar-powered illumination for bus shelters and marine buoys, to remote runway lighting products.

Their latest offering is a solar-powered pedestrian lighting pole or crosswalk warning beacon. Small solar panels charge a battery, which in turn powers flashing LED lights. Integrated wireless spread spectrum technology can activate other beacons in the system.