Building a Better Bus Stop with Tommy Lee and Ludacris

August 5, 2008
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“Battleground Earth, Tommy Lee and Ludacris trade in their microphones for hammers and construct a solar powered shelter. After the hard labor, they work out a jam session in their eco-friendly creation. Learn more about their slamming i-Shelter and how you can lobby for one in your area.

Ever been at a dimly lit bus stop late in the evening and wondered why your local government hasn’t done something to make the space safer? Well, Carmanah Technologies Corporation has come up with a way to provide cost effective and eco-friendly lighting for even the most dark and gloomy exterior wait areas. Their product, i-Shelter, is a free standing structure which uses LED technology and solar energy to give travelers the light they need to feel more safe and secure.

The sheer genius behind the i-Shelter design is that it uses two eco-friendly technologies. First, the use of solar power means the energy source is completely renewable and free. Second, by utilizing LED lighting, the i-Shelter will not need very much power to brighten up a person’s bus stop experience. Because LED lights generate very little heat, a larger portion of the energy used to power them goes toward lighting, not waste. Don’t be surprised if this is the first step toward using the sun to light up the night…”

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