Business Leader is Key Speaker

May 26, 2006
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Art Aylesworth will bring energy to the Saanich Peninsula Chamber of Commerce luncheon next week. Aylesworth, Chief Executive Officer of Carmanah Technologies Corporation, brings his knowledge of solar energy to the June 1 luncheon at Mary Winspear Centre.

“He’s a guy who’s done a very good job at building a business that had its genesis out here,” said Reg Mooney, new manager at Peninsula Chamber of Commerce.

Aylesworth, who lives on the Peninsula with his family, has more than 25 years of business leadership and entrepreneurial experience, as well as a strong background in sales and marketing.

“He’s a very bright successful non-scientific type guy, he’s a business guy and he fits like glove and hand with the scientists,” Mooney said.

During his talk, Solar – The Infinite Energy, he’ll also demonstrate some of the products, Mooney said.

To highlight the success of the company, Mooney noted that the US Army and Navy both use Carmanah Technologies solar-driven lighting for night time work.

Aylesworth took leadership of Carmanah when the company was privately held with only 12 staff and trailing revenues of $1.3 million annually.

He was responsible for shifting the company’s focus from research and engineering to sales and marketing. Aylesworth was also active in all aspects of Carmanah’s transition to a public corporation through a reverse takeover, as well as two subsequent rounds of financing.

“`Carmanah has` gone from 60 cents a share to about $4 a share and that’s not bad for a little Victoria operation,” Mooney said.

In addition to his leadership responsibilities at Carmanah, Aylesworth maintains the role as the company’s primary public spokesperson to the investment community.

Reserve tickets for Solar – The Infinite Energy by calling 656-3616, members pay $20 while non-members pay $25. To view all Chamber events visit the events calendar at