Carmanah Illuminates Street Signs in Victoria, British Columbia

July 14, 2005
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Carmanah has received orders from the Town of View Royal, BC and the City of Langford, BC, to install Carmanah’s Model R409 LED illuminated street name signs. View Royal will install two signs and Langford will install three signs, as part of the Helmcken Road Improvement Project and the Langford Parkway-Jacklin Road Project, respectively.

In addition to their green appeal and aesthetic design, Carmanah’s R409 illuminated overhead street name signs enhance visibility and legibility of street name signs for drivers, which is critical for safe maneuvering. The U.S. Department of Transportation – Federal Highway Commission estimates that overhead signs receive only 10% of headlamp illumination compared to roadside signs.

Carmanah’s R409 emits crisp, uniform illumination, and the high legend-background contrast ratio optimizes sign visibility and legibility; this not only increases legibility of street name signs from a greater distance, but also addresses visibility needs of older drivers.

Built to rigorous industrial quality standards, Carmanah’s LED edge-lit signs feature maintenance-free performance for up to 50,000 hours, and a rugged, slim-profile design. Compared to traditional fluorescent signs and other LED illuminated signage, Carmanah’s LED edge-lit signs provide greater energy savings and are easier and less expensive to install. The signs utilize the most advanced LED technology and are engineered to endure the harshest conditions and offer brilliant, crisp illumination.

For more information about Carmanah’s unique roadway lighting solutions, please visit or contact the Roadway Lighting Division (toll-free) at 1-877-722-8877 or