Carmanah Present at ATC Maastricht Conference, Feb 18-20, 2003, The Netherlands

February 22, 2003
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Carmanah recently displayed its solar-powered LED Aviation Lights at Western Europe’s largest annual Air Traffic Control Conference in Maastricht, Netherlands. RUAG Aerospace, a world leading Swiss Aerospace company that specializes in the development, production, and modernization of military and civilian products and services, displayed Carmanah’s products and found the response to be simply overwhelming.

“The ATC 2003 Maastricht Conference was a real success with the showing of Carmanah products. The market in Europe for aviation just became aware of new lighting possibilities. Since the cost factors are getting more and more important, the airports do not only look of the procurement costs but also of the costs during a lifecycle of a product.

The interests were mainly in the blue taxiway lights and the red 201 and 301 for temporary obstacles. All of these products will be used for civilian and military airfields and helipads. The quality of Carmanah solar-powered LED lights seems to be outstanding. The experience coming from maritime applications is very much appreciated. Saltwater, dust and similar factors does not harm or threaten the lights durability. Using LEDs reduces the power consumption and with the LEDS not having to be replaced over 100,000 hours of light output, costly maintenance factors are eliminated.”

For more information, visit the website of RUAG Aerospace.