Carmanah Provides Solar Power Systems for Water Level Monitoring in Ontario

April 16, 2007
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Carmanah’s Power Systems Group recently supplied a number of its proprietary MAPPS remote solar power systems to an Ontario-based public utility. These solar power supplies will be installed to operate water level sensors in a creek located upstream from a hydroelectric dam in Southern Ontario.

The water level sensors will be monitoring creek levels several times per day and providing this information to dam operators via a cellular modem. The water level monitoring network will serve as a warning system should flow levels rise above set thresholds, which will provide dam operators with the lead time necesary to adjust dam flow rates.

Carmanah’s engineers worked closely with the Ontario utility to specify a solar power supply that will reliably power the sensor and modem, taking into account the solar insolation values in the region of installation.

Carmanah’s solar power systems can be custom designed to operate reliably at nearly any remote location and are a reliable, year-round source of energy for remote monitoring systems, telecommunications equipment, security systems, etc. For more information on this project or Carmanah’s MAPPS remote solar power systems in general, visit or contact:

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