Carmanah Provides Solar Windsock Lighting for US Defense

November 28, 2006
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Carmanah’s Solar LED Lighting Group has received an additional order from the US Defense for eight units of its solar-powered LED FP-50 floodlight. These units will be installed for internal windsock lighting for incoming pilots at a forward operating US air base in the Middle East.

Carmanah’s FP-50 is the world’s most advanced solar general lighting system. The FP-50’s 50 Watt solar engine houses the required solar power, battery storage and patented MICROSOURCE® energy management system in one easy-to-install unit.

With several LED-based lighting fixture options, the FP-50 floodlight provides bright, reliable light output for up to five years with no scheduled maintenance.

Carmanah’s FP-50 floodlight systems are being used to internally light airfield windsocks, provide general illumination for aprons, taxiways and helipads, as well as walkway and area lighting for forward operating bases . Without access to reliable power, the FP-50 is an efficient and reliable solution for windsock illumination. An internally illuminated windsock is an ideal application of Carmanah’s solar LED lighting technology, as it is more efficient, compact and cost-effective than a typical external spotlight configuration – which typically requires more solar modules, a larger battery system and up to 4 separate lighting fixtures.

In addition to the FP-50 internal illumination, this customer will also be installing Carmanah’s A601 obstruction lights will be installed on the windsock towers. Carmanah’s Model A601 is the world’s most advanced solar-powered LED portable aviation light with two miles of visibility and is completely integrated, self-contained, waterproof and compact. The A601 will operate at nearly any location on earth and will withstand jet blast on the ground as well as harsh environmental conditions and extreme temperatures.

Carmanah’s maintenance-free, self-contained solar LED lighting solutions offer reliable, cost effective solutions where infrastructure is not available or economically feasible. For more information on Carmanah’s full range of solar-powered LED aviation products and accessories, visit or contact the Aviation Lighting Division at:

Toll-free: 1-877-722-8877 (USA and Canada)

Worldwide: +1 (250) 380-0052

Fax: +1 (250) 380-0062



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