Carmanah Receives Ongoing Contract for Proprietary Extreme Batteries with the US Federal Government

May 18, 2006
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Carmanah’s Solar Power Systems Group has received an ongoing contract from the US Federal Government for its proprietary “Extreme” brand 12-volt, 112 amp/hour gel batteries. These high quality, maintenance-free batteries are being installed in remote heavy snow management areas of the US Rocky Mountains to provide reliable power for communications and emergency signals. Carmanah’s Extreme batteries were selected by the US Federal Government because of their proven performance over other batteries tested in the field.

Carmanah’s Extreme batteries are maintenance-free, absorbed glass mat batteries that provide excellent cycling ability in a sealed, spill-proof package. Thousands of Extreme batteries are installed around the world in all types of environmental conditions, and they have proven to be exceptionally reliable and resilient under cold temperatures. With a porous envelope to hold the electrolyte against the cell plates, gases can’t escape, Extremes are also well-suited for warm temperature applications.

Carmanah’s Extreme batteries are ideal for telecommunication sites and remote data collection equipment, as well as UPS and SCADA systems, switch gear and other stand-by applications.

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