Carmanah Runway Edge Lights at New Mexico’s Conchas Lake State Park Airport

October 19, 2004
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In the Spring of 2005, Carmanah’s solar LED runway edge lights will be installed at the Conchas Lake State Park Airport in the State of New Mexico.

A total of 12 runway edge lights and 21 taxiway edge lights, including Carmanah mounting accessories, will be installed for permanent lighting. Carmanah’s solar LED aviation lights will be installed in conjunction with a highly retro reflective airfield marking system from Reginald Bennet Inc., a current supplier to general aviation airports within the State of New Mexico.

As a successful bidder under New Mexico Procurement Code, Carmanah’s airfield lights were purchased under state price agreement standards during last summer’s open competition for the Conchas Lake Project.

Carmanah’s solar-powered LED technology is proving to be a valuable addition to general aviation airports with increases in safety being complemented by the elimination of expensive infrastructure, operating costs and power requirements. Carmanah currently has more than 16,000 solar LED airfield lights installed in 60+ countries.

For more information, please contact Allister Wilmott, Business Development Manager for Carmanah’s Aviation Lighting Division, at 1-877-722-8877 (toll-free) or