Carmanah Solar-powered LED Marine Lights Installed in the Gulf of Thailand

November 24, 2004
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Carmanah is pleased to report that a number of its Model 601 marine lights are installed at Koh Lan Island Resort located of the Pattaya area on the Eastern Seaboard of the Gulf of Thailand. This is a very famous island situated only about 7 miles from the coast of Pattaya Bay.

Only 30 years ago, this region was largely jungle with no tourists or boat traffic to speak of. Today, it is a growing travel destination and its beaches are crowded with tourists from December through March every year. Water sports include swimming, sun bathing, fishing, snorkeling, para-sailing, etc.

Due to (1) a significant amount of trash and rubbish floating in and polluting the swimming area, and (2) heavy boat traffic creating very dangerous situations for swimmers, floating barriers with nets have been installed with channels for boats to moor and enter the area. These barriers are marked using Carmanah’s Model 601 red and amber marine lights.

Carmanah’s lights were chosen primarily due to their ease of installation, performance and proven reliability. They provide a long term cost-effective solution for delineation from dusk till dawn.

For more information, contact Mimi Drabit, Business Development Manager for Carmanah’s Marine Lighting Division at 1-877-722-8877 or via e-mail at

Carmanah would like to thank Mr. William Stevens of J.C. Marine Service Company Ltd. in Thailand for his assistance with this story. For more about the company, visit