Carmanah Supplies Solar LED Marine Lights for Sign Marking on the Danube River

January 9, 2006
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Carmanah has received an additional order from Plovput Beograde, the government agency responsible for the maintenance and development of all Serbian Inland Waterways (IWWs), for 55 units of its Model 601 solar-powered LED marine navigation lights. These units will be used to illuminate buoys and waterway markers throughout a 600km stretch of the Danube River in Serbia.

One of the world’s most important shipping routes, the Danube River is Europe’s second longest waterway and runs for 2,850 kilometers from Germany to the Romanian coastline. Traditionally, waterway marine lights along the Danube have been powered by gas and batteries and have been very expensive to install and maintain. As a cost-effective alternative, Polvput chose Carmanah’s Model 601 LED lights, which are easy to install and virtually maintenance-free for up to five years. Carmanah’s solar-powered LED marine lights charge via the sun, even on cloudy days, and are suitable for any navigation or hazard-marking requirement up to two nautical miles in range. These units use ultra-bright LEDs and can be ordered in any of the IALA-approved output colors.

This order follows a prior supply agreement with Polvput Beograde where the company installed 108 of Carmanah’s solar LED marine lights along the Danube in February 2005. The600 kilometer stretch of the Danube through Serbia is now 70% marked with Carmanah’s marine lighting technology.

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