Carmanah Upgrades LED Technology

March 27, 2008
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Carmanah is on the cutting edge of lighting technology with a recent upgrade of its light emitting diode (LED) luminaires to improved high-flux LED technology. Effectively doubling the raw lumen output of its previous LEDs, Carmanah’s latest luminaire offers a larger illumination area and smoother light gradient than ever before.

With low power draw and virtually no energy waste, LEDs are a natural partner for solar technology. By marrying the company’s intelligent solar technology with cutting-edge LED illumination, Carmanah’s solar area lighting solution offers unparalleled solar LED performance.

With the recently improved LED technology, Carmanah’s solar area lighting becomes at once more capable and more functional. Smaller solar engines can now power the same degree of illumination that once required more LEDs and a larger power source.

LEDs are at the forefront of lighting technology innovation, and white LEDs such as those found in Carmanah’s solar area lighting systems are leading the charge. Recent improvements in white LED technology have increased the applications for LED illumination, and ongoing research continues to improve light efficacy. This quickly changing technological landscape is something Carmanah remains in step with.

With installations in more than 110 countries and over 10 years of experience in the solar technology field, Carmanah’s quality products set the benchmark for reliable solar solutions.

LED Technology

LED technology is rapidly progressing. With up to 50,000 hours of maintenance-free operation, resistant to vibration and shock, and resilient to extreme temperatures, LED technology offers many benefits over traditional HID light sources, including:

•Instant illumination: LED light sources require no warm-up time

•Dynamic output adjustment: LED light sources can be dynamically adjusted to match light levels with the requirements of the environment in which they are installed.

•Directional light source: LED lighting requires no reflectors, increasing efficiency and flexibility and eliminating the challenges associated with dirt depreciation.

•Consistent brightness: while HID light sources tend to decrease in brightness over the life of the product, LED illumination remains consistent.

With significant environmental benefits, no connection to the electrical grid and cost-effective installation and operation, solar LED technology represents the most progressive lighting choice an agency can make.