Carmanah’s Bright New Marine Lanterns Destined for Singapore Waterways

November 13, 2008
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Carmanah’s top-of-the-line M708 marine lantern will soon be lighting waterways around Singapore. Kemsa (Far East) PTE Ltd. — the company’s authorized distributor in Singapore — has issued an initial order for approximately 30 of the high-output solar-powered lanterns for marine applications throughout the region. According to KEMSA representatives, the new lantern’s compact, self-contained form factor, combined with its impressive five-to-six nautical mile output, offer a considerable advantage over earlier lighting alternatives making this versatile solar-powered lantern suitable for an even wider range of navigational and hazard-marking applications.

Introduced in September as Carmanah’s newest flagship in a range of self-contained solar-powered marine lanterns, the M708 lantern combines an advanced optical design with high-efficiency solar modules and high-efficacy LEDs (light emitting diodes), making it the company’s highest output LED marine lantern to date. Fully configurable with 256 flash patterns, a minimum peak intensity of 125 candela and performance up to six nautical miles, the M708 lantern is available in each of the International Association of Marine Aids to Navigation (IALA) light colors, making it suitable for a wide range of navigation and hazard-marking applications. For applications requiring multiple lanterns, an optional global positioning satellite (GPS) feature enables two or more units to be synchronized to flash in unison.

A high performance, low maintenance and easy-to-install light source, the M708 marine lantern is available now from Carmanah Technologies Corporation. For more information, visit