Carmanah/Sabik Marine Lanterns Selected by Canadian Coast Guard

June 2, 2010
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The Carmanah/Sabik marine signalling partnership has received four Standing Offers from the Canadian Coast Guard (CCG) to supply a range of solar-powered LED marine lanterns for aids-to-navigation (AtoN) lighting on Canadian waterways. The offers are for a one-year period with an optional one-year extension. Revenue in the first year from the four Standing Offers is anticipated to be in excess of $1.2 million (CAD).

A Request for Standing Offer issued by the CCG earlier this year for solar LED aids-to-navigation (AtoN) lighting sought proposals to supply 1.5, two, three and four nautical mile lanterns for use on navigational buoys and other fixed and floating navigation aids. Carmanah/Sabik products were selected to fulfill the standing orders in all four categories. Until May of 2011, and for an additional year if the extension option is exercised, authorized CCG representatives will purchase Carmanah/Sabik’s M650 solar LED marine lantern for 1.5 and two nautical mile applications, the Carmanah/Sabik M704-5 for three nautical mile applications (a product already in use by the CCG), and the Carmanah/Sabik M708 for four nautical mile applications. By authorizing its representatives to make orders as required, the CCG has displayed its confidence in the quality and performance of Carmanah/Sabik lanterns.

“Over a decade ago, Carmanah developed the very first solar LED lantern with the help of the Coast Guard and we’ve continued to work with maritime authorities worldwide to develop best-in-class, self-contained solar LED lights that meet the technical specifications and quality standards of the marine industry,” said Ted Lattimore, Carmanah CEO. “The new Carmanah/Sabik partnership further strengthens our position in this highly technical market and expands our ability to provide the performance, reliability and functionality that customers such as CCG are looking for.”

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