Carmanah/Sabik Solar LED Marine Lanterns Deployed to Support Gulf Oil Spill Cleanup

June 15, 2010
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VICTORIA, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA (June 15, 2010): – “ Carmanah Technologies Corp. through its marine partnership with Sabik Oy is providing Carmanah/Sabik solar LED marine lanterns for marking oil spill containment booms in the Gulf of Mexico. The lanterns are helping to keep marine traffic safe while containment and cleanup work continues in the area.

Through the efforts of Carmanah’s authorized marine distributor in Texas, several hundred white and yellow Carmanah/Sabik Model 502 and M650 solar LED marine lanterns have already been deployed to mark areas such as open bays and waterways where the presence of containment booms poses a risk to navigational safety. Carmanah is working with its Houston-based manufacturing partner to fast-track production and delivery of several hundred additional lights in the coming days.  Carmanah has a history of responding in times of crisis, most notably in the wake of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, when all production was diverted to supply self-contained, self-powered solar LED lighting solutions to keep road, air and marine traffic along the Gulf Coast moving safely while rebuilding efforts were underway.

“Our customer had tried and abandoned a battery-powered marking light due to performance issues and ongoing maintenance requirements. They asked us to provide a maintenance-free, cost-effective alternative that could be trusted to perform reliably in a range of operating conditions,” said Carmanah distributor Jeff Sandel, Vice President of Laporte, Texas-based Channel Safety and Marine Supply. “Our years of working with Carmanah, and Carmanah’s reputation as a trusted supplier of aids-to-navigation lighting to the U.S. and Canadian Coast Guards, tell us that the Carmanah/Sabik solar-powered LED marine lanterns will deliver on all accounts.”

“With all available resources in the Gulf focused on containment and cleanup, this is no time to worry about whether or not the lights are working, or to be expending valuable manpower to change bulbs or batteries,” said Carmanah CEO Ted Lattimore. “The combination of solar power and LED technology in our marine lanterns means they can be trusted to perform day after day, year after year, leaving our customers free to concentrate on the job at hand.”

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