City of Toronto Upgrades Public Facility with Solar Power

June 19, 2008
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The City of Toronto is powering one of its recreational facilities without utility power. As part of the Toronto Atmospheric Fund’s SolarCity program – an initiative that promotes the use of solar thermal and photovoltaic generation equipment on city and community-owned facilities and residences – the City of Toronto has chosen a Carmanah stand-alone DuraGEN™ solar engine to provide clean, pollution-free power to the outdoor “splash park.”

The custom-sized 738 watt DuraGEN solar engine chosen for this application is a completely self-sufficient solar power supply that will provide electricity to run the park’s utilities without a grid connection. As an alternative to a hard-wired system, the DuraGEN solar engine can significantly reduce installation costs and eliminate expensive electrical permits, maintenance charges and ongoing electricity bills.

About the DuraGEN solar engine

Each DuraGEN solar engine comes as a complete, ready-to-install system with all the required components, including solar module, array cabling, mounting hardware, aluminum enclosure, control panel (with solar controller) batteries, and battery cabling.

The DuraGEN solar engine is also suitable for powering lights, sensors, monitors, security cameras, illuminated signage, traffic signals, communications equipment, and more, the DuraGEN solar engine is designed to perform in remote and industrial settings where durable construction and reliable operation are critical.

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