Home Addresses Light up the Night

October 30, 2004
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Homeowners can now make their house easy to find with illuminated address and house number signs. Using LED technology, the engraved or painted acrylic panels produce a crisp, evenly illuminated address in an ultra-slim package. The LED address signs are energy efficient, consuming up to 90 percent less power and lasting almost 20 times longer than incandescent bulbs. The sign’s operating life can extend 10 to 12 years, with no maintenance, and is visible from 150 metres at night and 45 metres during the day.

The solar powered version of the sign is visible from 45 metres during the day and 100 metres at night, and because it doesn’t require hard-wiring, it is useful for lighing the end of driveways. This product, available from Carmanah Technologies Incorporated, will provide lighting for up to 11 days without any additional solar charging, a big plus in Vancouver Island’s grey-sky season. the solar-powered LED has a shorter lifespan than its hard-wired counterpart, lasting up to five years.

The illuminated signs don’t come cheap, retailing at nearly $200, but their practical value can pay high dividents as illuminated signage make it easier for emergency services to find your home.