Local LED Company Gets Federal Funding

December 19, 2002
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The federal government has announced funding for clean environmental projects, and a Victoria company heads the list of recipients.

Sustainable Development Technology Canada is spending $6.6 million to fund clean technology projects.

Some of that money was granted to Carmanah Technologies, a company in Victoria that is a worldwide leader in light-emitting diodes (LEDs).

LEDs use less than one-tenth of the power of a normal light bulb and the rechargable batteries last almost a decade.

If they become widely used in homes, LEDs could cut hydro bills by 90 per cent.

With benefits like that, LEDs could soon edge out incandescent light bulbs as the most popular way to illuminate homes.

Victoria MP David Anderson toured Carmanah Technologies this week and saw some of the LED inventions the company is selling around the world.

Some of the company’s lights are going to Britain for marine use, but a more stunning example of the potential for this technology can be found closer to home.

Some Victoria bus stops — called i-Stops — are lighted by solar-powered LED lights that show bus schedules, safety information and signal the bus driver that someone’s at the stop.

Carmanah Technologies was recently awarded $500,000 from the federal government to investigate LEDs for residential use.

This latest grant will allow them to continue their pioneering work in marine, rail, road and residential LEDs.