Meeting Operational Goals with Solar Lighting Technology

May 27, 2008
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“For modern port facilities, times are changing and so is the way of doing business. Concerns such as increasing safety and security, reducing operational expenditures and improving environmental practices are registering high on the list of business priorities.

Today, viability for ports means keeping step with public and political demands for improved security and greener operational practices, while taking into account realities such as aggressive budget structures and the growing price of commodities such as oil.

Port agencies are relying on innovative thinking and advanced business practices to remain vibrant. Some of the largest port facilities are incorporating alternatives such as renewable energy resources and innovative technology to help them stay viable. From the Port Authorities of New York and New Jersey to Forth Ports PLC, one of the largest port operators in the U.K., advanced eco-friendly practices are factoring heavily into the way modern ports do business.

As one of the most rapidly advancing renewable energy resources in the world, solar energy is gaining attention for its reliability and flexibility in application. Operating free of the electrical grid and requiring little maintenance, solar technology can present port agencies with an attractive alternative solution for improving operations while enabling compliance with green mandates and budget restrictions…”

Full article: Port Technology International, “the leading technical preview and review of advanced technologies for ports, harbours and terminals world-wide” – Thirty-Eighth Edition, Spring 2008