Mr. Ge Zhenli Invents “PAI GOW EXPRESS” Casino Game

December 18, 2005
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Mr. Ge Zhenli was a computer engineer who moved to Las Vegas as a certified accurate accountant in the gaming industry. He is now designing new rules for Baccarat.

Mr.Ge Zhenli is a professional gaming designer in Las Vegas. He recently invented Pai Gow Express with his two American friends Roy and Lynn. It was welcomed when it appeared at Palace Station in Las Vegas.

Pai Gow Express
Mr. Ge Zhenli at the Palace Station with PAI GOW EXPRESS. (Note, LED illuminated gaming sign in background designed and manufactured by Carmanah’s LED Sign Group).

Steve Mann, the executive chairman of the Palace Station, said the Pai Gow Express is destined to become the gamblers’ favorite as it is different than the traditional Pai Gow Poker. There are five cards in the game of Pai Gow Express, the gamblers can win the bonus as soon as they have three cards in a straight, flush, or three of a kind. The winner doesn’t need to pay the 5% rental.

Roy, who is the partner of Zhenli, has many years of dealer experience in casinos. The other partner Lynn, is a professional gambler. Five years ago, Roy and Lynn asked Zhenli, who is also a mathematical professional in gaming, to improve the rules of Pai Gow Express. Pai Gow Express was finally released to the public, and the rate of winning for gamblers is higher than the traditional Pai Gow Poker.

Ge Zhenli believes that the chance of getting the bonus is 33 times in 100 hands which is 1/3 win rate on average. This can raise the gambler’s interest in playing the game. The odds for the casino winning is 2.3%, it is lower than PaiGow Poker (2.7%). So the gamblers who favour playing Pai Gow will now have an increased chance of winning with the new Pai Gow Express.

There is a 90 day trial period for prototype playing. Once the Pai Gow Express receives the license from the gaming department of Nevada State it will be released to the casinos. If you want to play the new Pai Gow Express from now to March, you will have to go to the Palace Station.

Xuelin, who came from Texas State to Las Vegas for vacation, used to like `playing` Pai Gow Poker. She found her fate changed when she played Pai Gow Express the first time. She put $100 as the capital and got a straight flush when she just had $20 left. The dealer gave her 40 times bonus and she won $400.

Now, Xuelin just likes Pai Gow Express. She got a straight flush with her first hand on the 15th at the Palace Station opening for Pai Gow Express, the rate of winning is 12 times.

“Pai Gow Poker is a popular game in casinos,” Steve said, “Now the gamblers are more interested in Pai Gow Express. The gamblers will get more bonus and are happy to play it on a slot machine.”

He further explained, “Casinos need to consider whether the gamblers are happy or not when they choose a game at casino. There are less people playing a game if they always lose money. Casinos will choose to have the new Pai Gow Express game because the gamblers want to keep playing with the higher winning rate, even though the casinos have a lower win rate.

Dealer Jane said, “It is more relaxing and faster when dealing Pai Gow Express. The rules are simpler and the 5% rental is omitted.”

The group of Zhenli’s thought about the benefits to the casino for choosing the game. There is a new rule that the gambler cannot compare the cards with dealer except when they have two cards more than ‘8, 5’. There will be a 1/40 rate of being unqualified to play.

Ge Zhenli was a computer engineer, and moved to Las Vegas 11 years ago. He is a certified accurate accountant for gaming and analyzes the rate of winning for new games for casinos. In Las Vegas he is considered one of the top intelligent people.

Ge Zhenli has a gaming consultancy company. He writes books on developing new games. He is designing a new game for Baccarat now. It is coming to casinos next year.