Profile of Robert N. Kersey, New Jersey Lottery

September 23, 2005
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Robert N. Kersey, Deputy Director of Sales for the New Jersey Lottery, is responsible for the management and supervision of more than 50 sales representatives. He also oversees all hiring and training for the sales staff. His unit serves as a direct communications link between Lottery staff and more than 6,000 retailers throughout the state. Kersey joined the Lottery in 2002, bringing with him 35 years of experience in consumer sales and marketing.

Kersey, recently, spearheaded an initiative on behalf of the Lottery that has led to stronger retailer relations, increased sales, a new revenue stream and greater overall awareness of the Lottery brand. He collaborated with the Deputy Executive Director in order to spearhead a sales pitch that would generate revenue and advertisement during the night. With a limited budget for promotional items he and his staff researched a way for businesses to identify themselves as registered Lottery retailers. The result was colorful, clutter-busting, electric LED window signs*. The 12″ X 24″ illuminated markers proudly display the words “New Jersey Lottery” in bright green letters. It took a year of constant persistence and strong leadership in working with the Fiscal Department and the Marketing Department in order to pass the State’s Purchasing Bureau Department Review.

Due to their cost, these signs could not be distributed for free. As a result, Kersey developed a “sales pitch” for his staff to be used when they visited their retailers, to encourage them to purchase the sign. To date, the signs have produced a new revenue stream of $240,000 for the Lottery. These funds have enabled the sales team to purchase additional promotions material to support in-store promotions year round.

Under Kersey’s leadership, the Lottery sales staff has worked directly with the retailer community to produce record-breaking sales of more than $2 billion over each of the past three fiscal years. During his tenure, Kersey has placed an emphasis on in-store promotions that support new product launches, individual game enhancements, promotional coupon efforts, and second-chance drawings. Supported by an aggressive marketing and advertising plan, these in-store promotions have proven to be very successful and have led to an increase in sales and foot traffic for individual retailers.

“The LED signs have proven very efficient in alerting players to the Lottery retailer locations,” said Michellene Davis, Esq., Director of the Lottery. “For his innovative thinking and his contribution to the Lottery’s increase in sales I am pleased to nominate him for a 2005 Powers Award.”

* LED illuminated signs designed and manufactured by Carmanah’s LED Sign Group