Repeat Order For Carmanah Airfield Lights by Baghdad International

October 12, 2004
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The Aviation Lighting Division is pleased to announce that the US Air Force has ordered more than 400 additional Carmanah airfield lights for installation at Baghdad International Airport in Iraq.

The new contract is for 390 Model 601 taxiway edge lights and 15 Model 601 obstruction lights, which will be installed for permanent use on civilian and military taxiways. Carmanah has now supplied more than 500 units of its solar-powered LED airfield lights for this major international airport.

Benefits being realized at Baghdad International include easy installation, zero infrastructure requirements, independence from the power grid and a 5 year maintenance free operating period.

Carmanah has recently received ICAO certification for its solar-powered LED taxiway edge lights at international airports. The Company now has more than 10,000 airfield lights in use at more than 100 US military bases in the Middle East, Africa, Europe, SW Asia and North America. For more information, contact Allister Wilmott, Business Development Manager for Carmanah’s Aviation Lighting Division.