Shining a Light on Innovative Safety Solutions

June 30, 2002
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Carmanah Technologies Inc. of Victoria, B.C. has developed a system of solar-powered self-contained, no-maintenance hazard marking lights, the first specifically for the mining industry. The lights offer an innovative, durable environmental solution to marking workplace hazards, with low acquisition costs. The self-contained lights do not require any wiring or trenching. Previously, access to a power source was a significant obstacle when installing incandescent lighting on a busy work site.

By comparison, Carmanah lights install in minutes, begin working immediately and do not require any maintenance for the duration of their lifespan, usually five years.

The lights are portable, waterproof and extremely durable – resisting extreme weather conditions, vandalism and common workplace occurrences such as vibration. Carmanah marking lights are manufactured to ISO 9001 standards.