Solar Lights Mark Out Farms’ Perimeters

February 1, 2001
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Fish Farming News

    Canadian company Carmanah Technologies’ new generation of solar-powered LED lights are now finding a wider application as perimeter markings for fish farming cages and other aquaculture facilities.

    “Aquaculture applications for our lights now account for a large part of our business,” Art Aylesworth, the company’s president, told FFI.
    “Our original target for these products was navigation buoys. Along the way we were adopted by the aquaculture industry, which has now become quite a focus for our company.”

    “We spend about half of our energy on aquaculture, and sales to this industry now account for about half our business.”

    Established in 1996 the company began developing solar powered LED (Light emitting diode) lights six years ago.

    According to Aylesworth LED technology represents the most fundamental improvement in lighting technology since the invention of the light bulb.

    LEDs produce light by a semi-conductor chip in a process that is extremely efficient; thereby increasing their lifespan over a conventional incandescent light bulb by at least 20 times, using far less power and emitting negligible heat.

    Breakthroughs in LED technology, in the form of higher light output and a wider color range, have made it possible for Carmanah to develop proprietary technologies around the core concept of efficient LED light.

    By fully integrating a combination of LEDs, solar power, advanced power storage systems and intelligent power management, Carmanah invented its lights.

    Built to withstand even the harshest marine environments, Carmanah lights are said to be vandal-resistant and ‘virtually bulletproof’. They are light, self-contained, easy to install and the battery recharges daily, even when the sky is overcast. There is no bulb or battery replacement for the life of the product, and they come with a superior warranty – full replacement for the first year and pro-rated replacement or refund for three full years.

    Completely maintenance-free, the light works for at least five years without battery or bulb replacement or any type of servicing, claims Carmanah, and the lights can be used almost anywhere.

    “Mount them on a fixed pedestal or buoy to mark channels, moorings or marine hazards,” says the company.

    “Affix them to your dock or anchored boat to guide you or warn others of its location. Clearly mark the perimeter of your fish farming cages of other aquaculture installations.”

    Carmanah’s standard LED navigation lights include the 500 Series, short range up to one nautical mile (1.8km), 600 series, up to two miles (3.6km) and the 700 series, up to three miles (5.4km). They cost around US$150, $250 and $1000 each, respectively.

    Carmanah Lights are manufactured by Carmanah Technologies Incorporated.

    The company is represented on five continents and has its head quarters in Victoria, British Columbia.


Art Aylesworth, President

Carmanah Technologies Inc.

Building 4, 203 Harbour Road, Victoria, BC, Canada   V9A 3S2

Fax: 250 380 0062