US Air Force Lights Second Half of Balad Airfield, Iraq

January 21, 2004
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The US Air Force will be installing an additional Carmanah 700 solar-powered LED Aviation Lights for the second phase of airfield lighting at the Balad Air Base in Iraq. Originally under the control of the US Army, Balad Air Base now operates under a shared airspace with the Air Force. Together, they run a fixed wing runway with the Army controlling a helicopter-landing zone.

Balad Air Base now utilizes more than 1,000 solar powered LED Carmanah aviation lights for runway edge, threshold, taxiway edge, apron edge, obstruction and helipad perimeter lighting applications. Both parties will benefit from low installation costs, no infrastructure or power requirements, immediate product delivery and zero operating costs in the form of no maintenance or power requirements over a 5-8 year time frame.

The existing Carmanah aviation lights installed on the fixed wing portion of the Air Base have performed very well with pilots, who’ve commented that they “have been able to see them on approaches as far as 5 Nm out on a clear night”.

Carmanah has now supplied more than 5,000 units to the US Air Force and US Army at over 30 different Air Bases worldwide. Proven technology, expedient delivery, maintenance free performance and low installation costs continue to benefit Middle East operations for the US Air Force and the US Army. For more information, please contact Allister Wilmott, the Business Development Manager for Carmanah’s Aviation Division.