US Air Force Orders Model A702 Infrared Runway Edge Lights

April 28, 2005
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Two separate US Air Force Bases have ordered a combined 24 units of Carmanah’s newly released A702 IR infrared solar-powered LED runway edge lights.

These lights will be installed for fixed wing nighttime training operations using night vision goggle (NVG) technology. The lights are designed to operate from dusk until dawn and can only be seen with the use of NVGs as infrared LED light is undetectable to the naked eye.

Both USAF bases will benefit from Carmanah’s incorporation of infrared LED technology into maintenance free, solar-powered LED airfield lights. In preliminary tests, it was found that pilots using NVGs were able to see the lights from a distance of eight nautical miles during nighttime training operations.

The Model A702 IR lights offer a mechanical push button switch that provides three levels of “steady on” light intensity settings. A fourth setting can be selected for 60 flashes per minute and is specifically used during specific “Box and One” landing operations.

In the past, airfield crews have had to physically place the lights in the field each time they wished to conduct a nighttime operation and then take them out of service at the end of training to recharge batteries and replace bulbs. The Carmanah A702 IR lights will be installed permanently, eliminating battery and bulb replacement, while operating maintenance free for up to five years.

Carmanah A702 IR lights can be purchased with either omni-directional 360-degree or 180-degree output with each Air Force base installing one of these options.

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