US Army lights Mosul Airfield, Iraq with Carmanah Aviation Lights

November 21, 2003
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The US Army is installing 465 solar-powered LED Carmanah Aviation Lights at the Mosul Air Field in Iraq for expedited airfield lighting. Prior to this installation, Mosul was operating without airfield lighting, due to non-existent infrastructure for a conventionally-powered lighting system. Carmanah Aviation Lights will light the entire Mosul Air Field without the need for power, regulators, cable, maintenance or installation expertise. Carmanah’s unique product design is enabling an expedited installation, while enabling immediate take down and set up at another potential air base if needed in the future. The units will be used for taxiway edge, apron edge, obstruction, runway, helipad and threshold lighting.

For more information, please contact contact Allister Wilmott, the Business Development Manager for Carmanah’s Aviation Division.