US Army Orders Carmanah Airfield Lighting Kits for Two Iraq Air Bases

November 16, 2005
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Carmanah has received an order from the US Army to supply two of its airfield lighting kits for installation on secondary runways at the Tall’Afar and Qayyarah Airfield West (Q West) air bases in Iraq.

Located in northern Iraq near the Tigris River, the Tall’Afar and Q West Airfields do not have the reliable electrical infrastructure necessary to support hardwired airfield lighting for their new secondary runways. As an ideal alternative, the US Army will be installing a full range of Carmanah’s airfield lighting technology, including runway edge lights, threshold lights, runway caution lights, taxiway lights, obstruction lights, as well as the required mounting accessories. Carmanah’s technology will enable the US Army to set up proper lighting on the secondary runways, and, as a result, increase the speed and safety of operations at both airfields.

The Q West Airfield has been using Carmanah solar-powered LED lights since the fall of 2003 with great success. The lights are required to provide high performance and reliability under some extremely difficult operating conditions, including intense heat, sand storms and daily jet blast. Carmanah’s solar powered LED aviation lights have saved US Defense operations millions of dollars in up-front capital costs, as well as ongoing maintenance, energy and labor costs.

Carmanah has more than 17,000 airfield lights and solar LED lighting solutions currently in use with US Defense, NATO and Coalition operations on five major continents. For more information about the Company’s unique airfield lighting products, please contact Allister Wilmott of the Aviation Lighting Division at:

Toll-free: 1-877-722-8877 (USA and Canada)

Worldwide: +1 (250) 380-0052

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