US Army Places Additional Helipad Lighting Order

March 21, 2005
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Carmanah’s Aviation Lighting Division has received a recent order from the US Army to supply its solar-powered LED airfield lighting to multiple helipads in the Middle East.

The order consists of 128 Model A601 blue lights to guide helicopters while taxiing, 29 Model A601 amber helipad edge lights for touch down, 18 Model A601 red obstruction marking lights and eight units of the Model A702 (white) for approach lighting.

In addition to the lights, mounting accessories and hand-held remote programmers will be used to permanently secure the lights to the ground while offering the installer the option to change the lights intensity, check battery levels and change the on/off time. The mounting accessories will hold the lights in place in the event of intense rotor wash, while allowing frangibility (break away) if the lights are struck by a vehicle or helicopter, resulting in minimal damage to the vehicle or light.

Carmanah lights offer increased safety in a number of ways. Being solar powered means the lights can be installed in locations where electrical power is unreliable or simply not available. The LED light source is night vision goggle (NVG) compatible, allowing for an added margin of safety during covert operations.