December 20, 2011  -  

Carmanah Solar Lighting Boosts Security at Nuclear Power Facility

VICTORIA, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA (December 20, 2011) In an order valued at nearly $400,000 USD, a large US power utility in the Southwestern United States has selected the EverGEN 1530 solar LED outdoor lighting system for the second installment in a perimeter fence security lighting project. The solar lighting systems by Carmanah (TSX: CMH) are being employed to increase the security of a nuclear power generating facility by providing backup safety lighting in the unlikely event of power failure, allowing the facility to maintain critical security functions that are mandated by Homeland Security. The combined value of both orders by the power utility represents over $1.5 million in solar security lighting.

The standalone EverGEN 1530 solar LED light is designed specifically for industrial-scale applications including parking lot and perimeter lighting. The EverGEN 1500-series combines the performance of an AC-powered area light with the versatility of an off-grid solar-powered lighting system and offers unparalleled performance for a solar-powered LED light of its size. The utility’s decision to use solar powered lighting is supported by a lower installation cost versus grid-based systems as no trenching or cabling is required. Including time and installation, the utility company anticipates saving an estimated $2 million.

“It’s clear that Carmanah solar lighting products are meeting the needs of the North American market when major power utility companies are adopting our technology,” said Bruce Cousins, Carmanah CEO. “We have confirmation that the need for high-performance, reliability, and cost savings in an off-grid, outdoor lighting system is being met by the EverGEN product. We’re confident that utilities will continue to ask for EverGEN systems by name.”