1,000 Additional Carmanah/Sabik Solar LED Lanterns to Mark Pilings Along Gulf Intracoastal Waterway

July 21, 2010
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Carmanah/Sabik has received an additional order for solar LED marine lanterns to mark intracoastal waterways as a result of the Gulf oil spill. The order, placed through American Fire & Safety, the Carmanah/Sabik authorized distributor in Louisiana, is for one thousand yellow Carmanah/Sabik M650 solar LED marine lanterns. The lights will be used to mark pilings along the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway from Texas to Florida and will help improve navigational safety in areas of increased inland waterway traffic. 

Recently awarded standing offers by the Canadian Coast Guard for 1.5 and 2 nautical mile applications, the Carmanah/Sabik M650 has been enthusiastically received by the marine aids-to-navigation market since the product’s mid-2009 launch.
Featuring a simple on-board programmable interface, convenient USB connection, replaceable battery pack and intelligent deployment capability, the self-contained, self-powered M650 solar LED marine lantern provides up to four nautical miles of visibility making it ideal for lighting ports, harbours and marinas; marking obstructions and nautical hazards; or illuminating aids to navigation in all types of environments.
Incorporating an efficient optical design and a peak intensity of 44 candela the M650 solar LED marine lantern includes more than 256 flash patterns, and is available in all IALA marine aid-to-navigation light colours. With no bulbs to wear out and a replaceable/recyclable battery pack, the LED-equipped M650 can operate maintenance-free for up to five years.

In addition to improving safety along the Gulf region’s inland waterways, Carmanah/Sabik lanterns are also helping keep marine traffic safe along the Gulf Coast while oil spill containment and cleanup work continues there. Thousands of white and yellow Carmanah/Sabik Model 502 and M650 solar LED marine lanterns have been deployed to mark areas such as open bays and waterways where the presence of containment booms poses a risk to navigational safety.
Over a decade ago, Carmanah Technologies Corporation developed the very first solar LED lantern for the US Coast Guard and has continued to work with maritime authorities worldwide to develop best-in-class, self-contained solar LED aids-to-navigation lighting solutions that meet the technical specifications and quality standards of the marine industry.
A strategic partnership with Finland-based marine lighting pioneer Sabik Oy, announced in March of 2010 further strengthens both companies’ positions in this highly technical market and expands their ability to provide the performance, reliability and functionality demanded by customers such as the US and Canadian Coast Guards. 
For more information on Carmanah/Sabik solar LED marine lanterns, please click here.