Capital’s Carmanah Technologies sheds light on New York cleanup

October 1, 2001
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A Victoria company is shedding a little light on matters in New York’s harbour.

Carmanah Technologies has sent six of its powered LED (light-emitting diode) marine lanterns to the U.S. Coast Guard for use in cordoning off the harbour as the cleanup following the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center continues.

We are very pleased that our (technology) is being used to make New York harbour safe during this time of crisis,” said Carmanah president Art Aylesworth.

While he admits the size of the order — worth about $2,000 US — isn’t a big deal when compared with a recent shipment of 450 lanterns to Vietnam, Aylesworth says the fact Carmanah was sought out is.

It says a lot about this company, I think,” he said, noting Carmanah was the Coast Guard’s first choice. “When they needed something for this job and there was no time to fiddle about they came straight to us.”

Carmanah has an existing relationship with the coast guard having won a tender three years ago to produce a marine light with advanced technological specifications — that yielded the company’s five-kilometre visibility high-end lantern.

The coast guard came calling when it established an emergency response security zone within 500 metres of Manhattan, from Pier 25 on the Hudson River south to the Wall Street Heliport on the East River.

The zone is marked off by navigational buoys which will be sporting the Carmanah lanterns.

The model 601 light is visible up to three kilometres and is designed to be used as a navigational and hazard light.

Carmanah, which went public in July of this year with an eye to expansion, sells its products all over the world. The six year-old company now has sales of more than $3 million a year in more than 80 countries with approximately 30,000 lights installed to date.


Mr. Art Aylesworth, CEO

Carmanah Technologies Inc.