As a pioneer in the solar industry, Carmanah has developed reliable solar lighting technology since 1996. Deployed around the globe, our technology provides critical lighting systems at industrial sites, on airfields, in marine environments, and more. Our next step is connectivity: intelligent remote monitoring via satellite and Bluetooth® is now available on select products.


Durable Technology

What we do: Provide premium components engineered for industrial environments.

What that means: We select and develop the best hardware, software, and firmware for better energy efficiency, more robust design, superior performance, and long service life in a smaller size and lighter package.

What we use: The highest-power LEDs, highest-grade VRLA AGM and Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) batteries, premium monocrystalline solar panels, and rugged aluminum/polycarbonate enclosures.

Why we stand out: Our high standards and passion for our work differentiate us in a performance-centric market.

Intelligent Remote Monitoring

What we do: Allow users to remotely monitor data, such as charge status, via one-way connectivity with deployed lights.

What that means: We facilitate remote diagnostics on monitored solar lights, allowing users to know their lights need attention before a failure occurs, maximizing longevity and reducing overall maintenance costs. When a failure does occur, immediate notification helps minimize downtime.

What we use: LightGuard, Carmanah’s proprietary software platform, which uses a simple interface and email alert system. LightGuard is available now on the OL800 series.

Why we stand out: We offer remote monitoring via Globalstar’s advanced satellite network, which provides reliable connectivity across large territories regardless of the location.



High-Performance Output

What we do: Use the latest in visible and IR LED technology combined with custom optics designed in-house.

What that means: Precise beam shapes send light only where it is intended to go, while still maintaining accurate chromaticity and minimizing power consumption.

What we use: Best-in-class and small form-factor LEDS to create precise focal points and increased performance efficiency. Rapid pulse width modulation (PWM) of the LEDs prevents unwanted color shifts and allows precise variable control of output intensity.

Why we stand out: We offer consistent, predictable illumination unaffected by intensity adjustments, changing temperature, battery charge levels, or other factors that could affect an inferior product’s output.

Energy Management

What we do: Offer lights that perform under all weather conditions.

What that means: We offer reliable, long-lasting light performance and battery service life, even in cloudy or inclement weather when solar panels may not receive full sunlight.

What we use: Several unique energy management systems including Temperature-Compensated Maximum Power Point Tracking and our patented Automatic Light Control.

Why we stand out: These systems maximize the solar charging abilities of our products and manage energy expenditure year-round.




Solar Lighting Advantages


  • Independent power supply constantly recharged by the power of the sun
  • Robust solution for areas with difficult-to-access or unreliable grid power
  • Directly supports mandates to reduce emissions

Low Cost

  • Requires no conduit, cables, or trenching, reducing installation costs
  • Shown to offer up to 50% project savings in hardware and construction costs over traditional systems


  • No wiring or external components
  • Installs quickly with minimal technical expertise
  • Automated to ensure minimal post-installation maintenance
  • Proven to perform maintenance-free for up to five years, with a service life of up to 12 years


How Solar Works

How does solar power work in our self-contained obstruction lights? It’s all about energy in and energy out. Hover over the diagram below to see how each step works.