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What will I find on a product page?

You’ll find everything you need to use Carmanah products in your project. Each product page has five selectable tabs each with a variety of product information, like our top three product benefits, downloadable specification documents, configuration options, and more.

Here’s what you’ll see when you visit a product page:

Product introduction

See a quick summary, key features, and top 3 reasons to choose our product.

Downloadable technical documents

  • Download a spec sheet, user manual, or purchase specifications.
  • Request CAD/DXF files for any product configuration.

How we solar size our products to guarantee long-term reliability

  • Watch a quick video to learn about our solar sizing process.
  • Request a free Solar Power Report™ to confirm the best solar product for your project.

Configuration options and add-ons

See various configuration options and additional features, such as remote connectivity, number of beacons and mounting, sign colors, software accessories with new features, and more. 

Build your own product configuration for quoting

Select from various configurable options (e.g. solar engine mounts, number of beacons, activation method, and more) to build a custom product configuration PDF for your project. 

Need product support?

Check out our Product Support page to get answers to our most frequently asked questions.

Looking for a product manual?

Visit our Product Downloads page to download our spec sheets and manuals.

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