Prove Solar Performance with Our Solar Power Report

April 25, 2018

Learn how our comprehensive site assessment recommends the optimal solar-powered beacons to meet your project requirements

No matter what your project application—crosswalk, school zone, or 24-hour sign marking—we can run a comprehensive site assessment to determine the right product for your project. Over the last 20 years, our sales engineers have developed a field-proven software simulation that helps us replicate real-life conditions. We use this simulation to create a Solar Power Report™ (SPR) to ensure the solar product we recommend will manage energy properly.

What is an SPR?

An SPR is a complimentary, easy-to-read report that lets you review our product’s performance—giving you confidence in your selection. Using your project location, we check local solar data, weather conditions, and shading hazards using a compressed street view to determine the sun’s path and anything that might obstruct it. Then, we apply your requirements for use, including light intensity, the number of activations, and any third-party devices. This lets us recommend a cost-effective, low-maintenance, reliable product. The SPR is free and ready in 24 hours.

Here’s how the Solar Power Report works:

If you want to learn more details before you get started with your SPR, read our article about energy balance.

Did we mention the SPR is free? Request an SPR from our team.

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