Technical Bulletin B-108: Terms of our warranty for 3rd party devices

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April 20, 2021
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Carmanah’s expert team is dedicated to providing the most reliable, durable traffic control devices. We are committed to the work we deliver and the products we make, so much so, we back our products with the most comprehensive warranty on the market.

Recently, the excitement about the future of Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS) has attracted an influx of new companies, products, and innovations to the roadway safety and intelligent traffic management industry. At Carmanah, we appreciate seeing new and sustainable solutions contributing to safer, smarter cities. In fact, increasing product diversification for devices like wireless radios and monitoring devices provides an ideal opportunity to highlight the terms of our warranty regarding 3rd party devices.

As Carmanah products are conveniently shipped pre-configured from the factory, our prewired systems alleviate the need for the end user to access or modify connections to sensitive electronics.  We encourage our customers against making alterations to Carmanah equipment prior to consulting with one of our Product Support Technologists. Adding 3rd party devices, or making alterations to Carmanah’s products without consultation, could result in voiding your product warranty.  For more information on this topic, please visit our Product Support Center or contact us.

Carmanah Technologies is solution focused and centered on the needs of our customers. Our team looks forward to assisting with any potential warranty questions or issues with equipment installation or maintenance.

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