Technical Bulletin B-105: Carmanah Square/Round Cast Mount Release

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August 25, 2020

Carmanah’s technical bulletins are intended to provide updates, clarification, and guidance on the installation and maintenance of our products. They convey relevant technical product information to our partners and customers. Please contact us if you have any questions about the content of this bulletin.

Product Applicability

This bulletin applies to the following products:

·        E / F Series

For systems that are mounted to a 2 – 2.5” square post or 2.38 – 2.88” round post.


In 2018 Carmanah set out to develop a combined mount that will work with both the E / F Series engines and for square/round posts of varying sizes. This was released 2018 Q4 and is known as the cast mount. This robust mount will simplify the ordering process with a single mount that works across multiple products and mounting styles.

In rare cases, the cast mount may not thread properly onto the solar engine or signal head hex nipple. When this occurs, the cast mount may encounter resistance and both sets of threads could become damaged. There are two standard methods of installation, depending on the configuration:

  • Solar engine integrated into signal head: cast mount threads onto a hex nipple at the bottom of the signal head. The solar engine then secured to the signal head via a hex nut and serrated lock ring (threaded nipples highlighted in yellow below):

  • Solar engine not integrated into signal head: Cast mount threads directly to the nipple on the solar engine (thread nipple highlighted in yellow below):

If the solar engine is not integrated into the signal head, then the nipple, if damaged, may need to be extracted from the solar engine. Starting 2020 Q2, we have added the following production steps to help prevent this issue from occurring to the threaded nipple:
  • chasing the threads with a die

  • applying lubricating wax to the threads

  • applying a protective cap


Carefully check the fit between the cast mount and appropriate nipple. Apply lubricating wax, such as Stick-Kut, to help with minor binding. If there is resistance, do not attempt to force the fit. Contact Carmanah if you experience any issues with threading the cast mount.

Have questions? Our customer support team is always available to help.

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