Harnessing the Sun to Enhance Telematics

Increase your data capture capabilities with solar power

Remote monitoring and subsequent data transmissions of assets connected via the Internet of Things require electrical energy, which can quickly drain batteries used to power these remote connections. Using free energy from the sun allows for more frequent data collection and transmission. At Carmanah, we can apply our expertise in solar and energy management systems to build or design a solar-powered engine for your new or existing distributed assets. With solar, you can report more data, more often. We can:

  • Build or design the next version of your device, enhanced with a solar power source.
  • Retrofit your existing device with a solar power source.

In partnership with satellite service provider Globalstar, we can offer remote asset tracking and data capture/transmission powered by solar. Read more about asset tracking, the Internet of Things, and our partnership with Globalstar.

Go further with your asset tracking

The combination of solar energy and satellite/GSM connectivity for your assets will help you reduce your costs and:

  • Expand your use cases
  • Extend battery life
  • Reduce maintenance
  • Be more green
  • Transmit more data
  • Increase business intelligence
  • Enhance the next version of your product

Read more about the benefits of adding solar power to your devices.

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