Traffic Safety Grants and Funding


Ensuring traffic safety often requires a big budget, since many traffic calming and walkability projects include significant transportation infrastructure upgrades. Other times, many traffic signs or beacons are needed for community-wide upgrades. Whether you need a lot or a little to complete your project, you can find funding at the municipal, state, and federal levels—and in most cases, a dedicated expert is available to answer your questions.

If you’re looking for some basic transportation funding and grant information before you get started, we have compiled several resources to educate and inspire you to start your funding efforts.


How to get a grant

Requests for proposals and grant applications can be competitive and complicated, so it helps to learn how the grant process works before you start looking for specific funding opportunities. We break it down into 7 straightforward steps.



Find funding

Ready to find the right grant for your traffic safety project? The Federal Highway Administration has a Bicycle and Pedestrian Program that includes a multitude of funding opportunities. Learn about the funding available through several of these grants and how to get it.

Explore grant opportunities

If you aren’t having any luck with federal/state funding, or you need additional dollars to complete your project, you can find funding on a municipal or regional level, too. Learn where else you can find funding closer to home, whether you are in an urban or rural community.