Carmanah Technologies to Drive Revenue with New Transportation Marker Solar Products Line

February 12, 2002
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Vancouver, British Columbia – April 26, 2002 – Carmanah Technologies Corporation (CMH – TSX Venture Exchange), is expanding its platform technology into the multi-billion dollar transportation market. CEO Art Aylesworth unveiled the company’s new product line of solar-powered LED lighting products, designed for the roadway safety industry, at the American Traffic Safety Services Association’s (ATSSA) annual Convention & Traffic Expo in Dallas, Texas.

“The highway and transit sectors are intent on reducing energy costs while improving safety,” says Aylesworth. “Carmanah’s solar powered products do that, and they are durable, long lasting and smart – customers can program
them very easily.

“This is a very exciting mass market for our technology, with immediate potential. Field trials are already underway on Carmanah’s new transportation products in Europe and the United States.”

Carmanah’s new products include programmable School Crossing Flashers, which are easy to install and provide huge cost savings for school crossings. It is a stand-alone self-contained product that eliminates the need to dig up roads and wire in standard electrical crosswalk markers. Carmanah’s proprietary software can program the light to turn itself on and off, taking into account school holidays, using a Handspring Visor or Palm Pilot.

Other products include Roadway Hazard Markers, Directional Lights and Sign Enhancers, all of which improve safety and reduce power costs. Carmanah products are robust and operate reliably under all environmental conditions (northern and southern climates), an important competitive edge. The company’s products are also very efficient, getting the most power possible out of the solar panels and into the LEDs.

About Carmanah Technologies Inc.

Carmanah specializes in the design, manufacture and supply of patented, proprietary solar-powered LED lighting solutions for marine, roadway and railway markets. The company currently has distributors in
over 80 countries worldwide and more than 42,000 units installed to-date. The shares of Carmanah
Technologies Corporation (parent company) are publicly traded on the Canadian Venture Exchange
under the symbol “CMH”. For further information on the company’s products and services, please visit

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Carmanah Technologies Corporation

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Praveen Varshney, Director