Carmanah’s London Bus Stop Design Receives BP Award Commendation

November 13, 2003
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Vancouver, BC, Canada – (November 13, 2003) – Carmanah Technologies Corporation (TSX VE: CMH) is pleased to announce two significant developments in its provision of solar-powered LED lighting for the City of London, England, transit system.

1. London Bus Stop Receives High Commendation

The solar powered, illuminated bus stops using Carmanah technology were recognized at the 8th annual UK Bus Industry Awards held on Nov. 5, 2003. The stops are a significant part of a Transport for London (TfL) bus stop project, which received high commendation in the “BP Innovation Award” category.

2. Solar-Powered LED Bus Shelter Lighting Systems Delivered

70 units of Carmanah’s of solar-powered bus shelter lighting systems were recently shipped to London, England for installation by Trueform Group (U.K.). As part of Carmanah’s $1.6 million contract with Trueform, these units represent the first installment of approximately 300 units planned for installation by early 2004.

According to Transport for London, bus use in the City of London has risen by 7.3 percent over the past year and trips on the night bus have grown by 16 percent `Transport for London,`. Carmanah’s solar-powered LED lighting systems improve night service and safety by providing area lighting and clear, bright timetable lighting that makes schedule information easy to read. Carmanah’s proprietary self-contained solar-powered LED (light-emitting diode) technology can facilitate the expansion of lighted bus facilities into new areas at a significantly lower cost than grid-connected systems, while helping London to meet greenhouse gas reduction targets through the use of solar energy.

Mayor Ken Livingstone is calling for “the biggest expansion and improvement of public transport provision London has ever seen” `Transport for London Street Management, Annual Review 2001/02, Page 7,`. Mr. Livingstone’s Draft Energy Strategy calls for all street furniture (street lights, traffic lights and bus shelters) to be powered from “green” sources by 2005 `”The Mayor’s Draft Energy Strategy”, January 2003, Proposal 66`. The City of London expects solar-powered bus shelters to cost 36 percent less than conventionally powered shelters, with added benefits including:

  • Environmental benefits
  • Ease of relocation of stops and interchangeability
  • No reliance on third parties
  • Intrinsic safety

“The ongoing success of our London transit project is a great showcase of the cost-effectiveness and reliability of Carmanah’s unique technology,” said Aylesworth.

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