Hawaii Airfield Upgrades Taxiway Lighting System with Carmanah Solar-Powered LED Aviation Lights

November 27, 2007
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Victoria, British Columbia, Canada – Tuesday, November 27, 2007 – Carmanah Technologies Corporation (TSX: CMH) has supplied an order through Goldwings Supply Service Inc. – its authorized distributor in Hawaii – to provide solar-powered LED (light emitting diode) airfield lights for a US Department of Defense installation in Hawaii. The order, valued at approximately $427,000 will enable the airfield to replace its retro-reflective taxiway markers with bright, wireless LED lights for a considerable improvement in safety and usability. As an alternative to battery or generator-powered airfield lights, Carmanah’s solar-powered solution represents a milestone in innovation as one of the world’s largest wireless solar-powered LED taxiway lighting systems.

With visibility at the remote airfield limited by extremely dark nighttime conditions and frequent stormy weather, personnel needed a system of visual navigational aids that could help pilots identify operating surfaces under any condition. The primary goal was the enhanced safety of airfield operations at the facility. As a versatile and economical upgrade, the airfield chose a system of wireless A704-5 taxiway lights from Carmanah Technologies.

While providing an environmentally friendly lighting solution, the solar-powered airfield lights offered a cost-effective alternative to the trenching, cabling and ongoing electricity bills associated with a hard-wired lighting system. In fact, the hard bedrock in this location would make drilling and laying electrical cable along the length of the taxiway a prohibitively expensive and time-consuming task.

Also, as the salty sea air and ocean spray in this seaside location is very challenging for outdoor electrical equipment, Carmanah’s wireless lights offered an additional advantage. Self-contained, watertight and rustproof, the marine-grade solar lights enclose all components – photovoltaic cells, high-intensity LEDs, rechargeable batteries, and electronics – within a durable housing machined from solid aluminum.

For maximum versatility and reliability, a built-in energy management system automatically aligns light levels with available energy resources to ensure the lights always have the power they need to operate. A programmable interface allows the user to set on/off times, brightness levels, flash patterns and more. For remote operation, a secure remote control allows aircrews to control the lights from the tower, the tarmac, or the aircraft.

A revolutionary new optical lens, combined with dual-mode LEDs that can be switched from visible to infrared mode (for night vision goggles), provide exceptionally bright, high-intensity lighting suitable for all types of applications, including overt or covert operations. Because they’re portable, the lights can also be relocated wherever they’re needed most, making them a valuable asset for temporary illumination during natural disasters or other emergency situations. With the A704-5 aviation lights in place, the illuminated taxiway can also provide a safe landing spot for helicopters around the clock.

Offering a quick and easy installation, versatile operation, no electricity bills, and no scheduled maintenance for up to five years, the solar-powered lighting system offers an affordable and effective way to improve airfield safety for many years to come.

Carmanah’s solar-powered LED aviation lights are installed at some of the world’s busiest airports, including Chicago O’Hare International Airport, Dubai International Airport, Gatwick International Airport, Milan International Airport, Singapore Changi International Airport and Toronto Pearson International Airport. For more information, visit www.solarairportlights.com. For more information on Goldwings Supply Service Inc., visit www.goldwings-supply.com. Goldwings is a native Hawaiian women-owned and operated small business.

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