Solar LED Marine Lantern Adds GPS for Synchronized Flashing

November 5, 2007
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Victoria, British Columbia, Canada – Monday, November 5th, 2007 – Carmanah Technologies Corporation (TSX: CMH) today announced the newest addition to its line of self-contained solar-powered LED marine lanterns: the M704-5 GPS lantern. The high-intensity M704-5 GPS lantern combines four to five nautical miles of visibility with global positioning satellite (GPS) synchronization, enabling any number of marine lanterns to flash in perfect unison. Built for performance in harsh weather conditions, the M704-5 GPS can produce light output in any of IALA’s four international chromaticity colors (green, red, amber or white), and can be programmed with over 200 flash patterns, making it ideal for illuminating aids to navigation, port entrances, channel markers and more.

According to Simon Proctor, Business Development Manager with Carmanah’s marine division, the new GPS capability offers a significant advantage in locations where multiple lights are required. “By flashing together to help mark waterways or navigational hazards, an installation of GPS-synchronized marine lights can help improve visibility and make marine navigation easier and safer,” said Proctor. “As an affordable upgrade, the M704-5 lantern’s small size, low-maintenance design, and GPS capability makes it an ideal choice for all types of aids-to-navigation and hazard marking applications.”

The M704-5 GPS High-Intensity Marine Lantern

Carmanah’s new M704-5 GPS lantern is based on the company’s industry-proven M704-5 lantern. Rated for four to five nautical miles of visibility, the compact M704-5 GPS lantern produces up to 90 candelas of light output (cyan). An enhanced proprietary LED optic produces unparalleled light uniformity and wide vertical divergence for increased visibility and range under all weather conditions. The M704-5 also offers optional infrared user programmability, and battery packs that can last up to five years before replacement.

Carmanah’s solar LED marine lights are installed in more than 110 countries around the world, including New York Harbour (USA), Victoria Harbour (Hong Kong), the Port of London (England), the Port of Rotterdam (Holland), the Suez Canal (Egypt) and Sydney Harbour (Australia). For more information about the M704-5 GPS and Carmanah’s full line of solar LED marine lighting products, visit

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