Remote Scheduling for School Beacons with MX Cloud (video)

February 12, 2023
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Scheduling school zone beacons doesn’t need to be a logistical nightmare. With Carmanah’s MX Series connected school zone beacons, you can add and adjust schedules with the click of a mouse, from any device, anywhere.

Watch the video to see how:

Video transcript: 

School zone safety is a priority for any traffic agency. Fortunately, proven solutions aren’t hard to find. Agencies today have access to a variety of beacons, signs, and other products that have been shown to reduce vehicle speeds and conflicts in school zones.

The challenge is—once you have these systems in place, how do you manage them? With dozens or even hundreds of beacons spread over a large area, and settings and schedules needing to be changed, sometimes on short notice, how do you ensure they’re operating when you need them.

Enter Carmanah’s MX Series connected school zone beacons. Each R829 MX school zone beacon comes with its own built-in cell modem and SIM card, enabling city or school district personnel to remotely manage on and off times, see if the beacons are operating correctly, and receive actionable alerts that reduce downtime and improve safety.

All of this happens in MX Cloud, Carmanah’s browser-based remote management software. Like a password manager or a smart home app, MX Cloud brings together all your MX systems in a single, easily accessible place, giving agencies comprehensive system visibility and access.

Systems with an MX Plus subscription or higher can be programmed remotely using MX Cloud. Users can push changes to system settings from anywhere at any time, including adjusting the beacon intensity, changing the operating mode, and even temporarily turning the system off to accommodate a school closure or road maintenance.

Systems with an MX Pro subscription can also take advantage of remote scheduling. Here, users can create, delete, and edit schedules in advance or on-the-fly using MX Cloud’s intuitive scheduler. Simply create a schedule, add your on and off times, clone it across the week and make any necessary adjustments.

It’s also easy to add exceptions for holidays and break periods, and if you need to make a last-minute change due to weather? Just click the snowflake icon.

Whether your school district has four school zone beacons or four hundred, MX makes it easy to manage settings, schedules, and maintenance. Learn more about how we’re setting the new standard for roadway safety infrastructure at



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