RRFB compilation video

April 27, 2018

See some of our beacons in action.

Our 8,000+ RRFBs installed worldwide have been doing their part to make crossing streets safer for pedestrians. These high-intensity crosswalk signals are pedestrian-activated and warn drivers with their bright, rapid flashing pattern. Thanks to its proven technology and easy-to-install form factor, we have helped make the RRFB an essential part of the traffic engineer’s toolkit—we even succeeded in rescuing it from being lost due to ongoing patent issues, reintroducing it to MUTCD compliance.

RRFBs are ideal for midblock crosswalks, roundabouts, intersections where the major legs lack a stop sign, and more. Combining crosswalk signs with RRFBs is proven to increase pedestrian safety and driver yield rates. Studies have shown the RRFB can boost driver yield rates from 18% to as high as 96% in some cases, and these yield rates are maintained over the long term. Watch the video below to see a few examples of our RRFBs in action.


How RRFBs can help your city

These flashing crosswalk lights can be an important element in helping your city achieve Vision Zero, Destination Zero, Zero Fatalities, or similar goals. Plus, RRFBs are low-cost and easy to install compared to other crosswalk treatments. They install on existing sign posts, don’t require specialized equipment, and if solar-powered, avoid costly trenching and traffic delays during installation.

RRFBs are a simple, cost-effective, and proven solution for increasing pedestrian safety. If you’re interested in applying for traffic grants or funding, check out our funding resource page here.

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