Carmanah Celebrates Earth Day 2019

May 9, 2019
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To celebrate Earth Day, our team held a potluck featuring locally sourced food. For us, “local” means Vancouver Island, if possible, or anywhere in our province of British Columbia. We got to enjoy Michell’s Farm kale chips, Portofino bread, Red Barn smoked cheeses, Nootka Sound smoked chinook, and Westholme iced tea. Yum! We love eating local food because it supports our economy and encourages agricultural sustainability within the community. The food is fresher, is more nutrient dense, and can be harvested at peak ripeness, rather than picked early to account for shipping and distribution time. Did we mention choosing local food lowers our carbon footprints too? You can join us in selecting it more often—not just on Earth Day, but every day. Next year, Earth Day celebrates 50 years of inspiration, education, and activism! Follow the countdown:

Lots of vegtables, meat and bread on a table to celebrate Earth Day Potluck