Wrong-Way Driving Research Guide

January 31, 2022
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wrong-way driving fatalities versus all roadway fatalities

All roadway fatalities vs. WWD total fatalities (2004-2018)

Wrong-way driving is a complex roadway issue affecting streets around the world since the advent of automobile-centered transportation networks. However, while it is a difficult problem with no single solution, there are many traditional and emerging countermeasures that help reduce and prevent wrong-way incidents.

This guide contains a compilation of research and analyses examining the phenomenon, statistics, risk factors, mitigation and prevention of wrong-way driving (WWD). It cites essential research that contributes to our understanding of the issue, providing you both a high-level overview as well as references to explore specific elements of the issue more deeply.

Here’s what’s inside:

  • The latest statistics on wrong-way fatalities
  • An examination of the risk factors that contribute to wrong-way driving
  • An overview of the countermeasures available
  • More on advanced vehicle detection systems for wrong-way driving mitigation
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