Carmanah Patents System to Wirelessly Control Aviation and Obstruction Marking Lights

June 21, 2012
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The US Patent Office has granted Carmanah a patent relating to the wireless control of solar powered aviation and obstruction marking lights. The unique design of this light allows Carmanah’s A704-H and A704-I solar LED lights to be grouped and programmed simultaneously without requiring a wired connection to a central control tower. Operators can easily activate lights on demand, or temporarily increase light intensities in targeted areas in poor weather conditions. Maintenance and engineering teams also benefit from the quick implementation time and portability of a completely wireless system. To simplify operation and ensure minimal battery drain on the solar charged A704 light, the design incorporates intelligent programming to automatically return the devices to normal light output after any temporary override.

The A704 wireless light is currently used in runway edge lighting, runway threshold lighting, helipad lighting and obstruction marking at locations around the globe. The product is available with high-intensity-directional (HIRL) output up to 500cd, or in a reduced-cost format optimized for ICAO Type A and Type B/FAA L810 obstruction marking. The A704 and controllers are covered by the US patents 8,174,408 Method and System for the Wireless Control of Marker Lights and 6,573,659 Solar-powered light assembly with automatic light control.